Commodore Engineering, with many years of experience, is today a leading company in the IT sector that acts as a point of reference for all companies that want to focus on new technologies to obtain maximum results.
Our team is made up of a group of professionals in the IT and communications sector: from the design phase to technical assistance we follow our customers with passion and attention to detail. Software design, network systems, creation of web platforms and applications, management of online visibility: we are able to offer services ranging from information technology to web development as well as professional support also from a promotional point of view with graphic services design and web marketing.


Our aim? Customer satisfaction that will gain a real competitive advantage for tangible and long-term results.

Today the supply-demand relationship has radically changed, distorted by the dynamics that characterize new technologies: the changes brought about by the internet have made consumers skilled and increased expectations in terms of quality, reliability and speed. The final objective of the entrepreneur is the transaction but this is contextualized in a dynamic environment, made up of transversal elements, broader markets and roles distorted compared to those of the classic seller and buyer.

How to live up to this new way of doing business?
The key to success is understanding that today intelligent interaction is the starting point and the consumer demands attention, timeliness and targeted offers.

What to offer prospects?
Not just the product itself but a series of pluses such as quality content, usefulness and advantages that will transform them into loyal customers, creating the engagement necessary to become a real point of reference in their sector of expertise.


Francesco Colangeli

The key to success is understanding that today intelligent interaction is the starting point and the consumer demands attention, timeliness and targeted offers.




Authenticity Eedefined: embrace genuine excellence. Our commitment to true innovation, unwavering quality, and honest craftsmanship defines every product. Join us on a journey where authenticity is not just a claim – it's the very fabric of our identity. Elevate your experience with products rooted in sincerity and unmatched integrity.


Collaborate, Create, Elevate: our products embody the spirit of collective genius. From design to functionality, we believe in the power of collaboration. Every innovation, every detail, crafted harmoniously through shared ideas and collective passion.


Our products reflect uncompromising ethics – from sustainable sourcing to responsible practices. Join a movement where innovation meets responsibility, and your choices align with a company that embodies ethical leadership. Elevate your experience with products that reflect our unwavering ethical compass.






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we are confident that the passion is the really business goal

We will ensure that past of this brand becomes its future.
We focus our energies on the development of an evolutionary technology, indispensable for improving the quality of our customers free time

Back to the Future

At Commodore Industries, we see ourselves as custodians of a digital legacy. Our mission is not just to reintroduce the Commodore brand but to redefine its essence for the contemporary era. We aim to blend the timeless appeal of Commodore’s computing heritage with the cutting-edge advancements of today, creating a fusion that pays homage to the past while propelling us into the future.