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The great Commodore is reborn with a group of Italian entrepreneurs, with the aim of bringing the historic brand to the fore once again.
Luigi Simonetti, the company’s CEO, and his team aim to resurrect this historic brand starting from computer science using the business unit named Commodore Engineering and with a business unit dedicated to the development of videogames well known as Commodore Sinapsy.


The company’s mission is to prevent such an historic and iconic brand from being lost. Times have changed, entertainment platforms are completely different, so we are ready to build products in line with the times.

Ample commercial space is also given to game design and game development with a solid partnership with BigRock School, one of the largest Italian training centers in the industry, and Commodore Sinapsy, Commodore’s game development department.



The company is composed only of highly qualified personnel and is also a leading research and development body in the electronics and computer engineering sector which has, among the various projects, also the honor and the burden of carrying out the relaunch of the hardware of the historic company and to start a process of development of its software.
Commodore is a brand that comes from afar. Founded in America in 1954 by Jack Tramiel, its glorious history begins with the construction of typewriters to become that great company that most of us know and remember very well.
The adventure of modern computing, now fundamental in our lives, started from the Commodore offices, and also features very illustrious names, destined to change the history of humanity, such as a very young Steve Jobs, designer of the Chip MOS and Bill Gates who worked on programming the PET operating system.




Authenticity Eedefined: embrace genuine excellence. Our commitment to true innovation, unwavering quality, and honest craftsmanship defines every product. Join us on a journey where authenticity is not just a claim – it's the very fabric of our identity. Elevate your experience with products rooted in sincerity and unmatched integrity.


Collaborate, Create, Elevate: our products embody the spirit of collective genius. From design to functionality, we believe in the power of collaboration. Every innovation, every detail, crafted harmoniously through shared ideas and collective passion.


Our products reflect uncompromising ethics – from sustainable sourcing to responsible practices. Join a movement where innovation meets responsibility, and your choices align with a company that embodies ethical leadership. Elevate your experience with products that reflect our unwavering ethical compass.


Inclusiveness beyond boundaries: our products embrace every perspective, every lifestyle. More than innovation, we pioneer inclusion. With open arms and open minds, we create a tapestry of possibilities. Join a movement that seeks unity in diversity, where our products welcome all. Elevate your experience in a world that celebrates the power of inclusiveness.


Imagination unleashed, boundaries broken: our products are the canvas for your creative mind. Dive into a world where innovation knows no limits, where imagination is the driving force. Elevate your experience with products that inspire and embrace the infinite power of your imagination.


Curiosity ignites innovation: our products are fueled by the endless quest for knowledge. In a world that asks 'what if,' we dare to explore. Elevate your experience with products crafted to satisfy your inquisitive spirit. Curiosity: your passport to a limitless universe of possibilities.






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we are confident that the passion is the really business goal

We will ensure that past of this brand becomes its future.
We focus our energies on the development of an evolutionary technology, indispensable for improving the quality of our customers free time

Back to the Future

At Commodore Industries, we see ourselves as custodians of a digital legacy. Our mission is not just to reintroduce the Commodore brand but to redefine its essence for the contemporary era. We aim to blend the timeless appeal of Commodore’s computing heritage with the cutting-edge advancements of today, creating a fusion that pays homage to the past while propelling us into the future.

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